Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Second Thing You Wish Your Non-writer (and loving) Friends & Family Understood About Writing

That taking a break can actually be bad for your creative flow.

It's Sunday morning, and you're just getting ready to sit down to write. You're fired up and feel inspired, which—let's be honest—is not that common. Most of the time you have to write without that magic inspiration that everyone keeps talking about. As your fingers start to type, you receive a text: "Wanna grab brunch?" You quickly reply "Sorry, writing," and put away your phone. Then another text: "What about a late lunch? You need to eat. Just take a 1 hour break. It'll be good for your writing." Damn, I should have turned my phone off.

First of all—both you and your friend know that a Sunday lunch never takes just one hour. Second, if you're anything like me, a "break" will break your focus as well, and you will most likely not get it back after lunch. It would be different if you were having lunch with a fellow writer, and actually talk about writing. Don't you wish your friends would realize that writing requires a certain state of mind and that when the spell is broken, it takes a lot of energy to get it back. Solution: turn off your phone an hour before you even start to write. And yes people—that includes the iMessage on your Macbook as well.

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